Lila Kağıt consists of companies that have made a tremendous impression with their expertise, experience, and investments in their sectors since its establishment in 1984, and are highly reputable for their innovation and quality.


Lila Kağıt started its activities in the FMCG field in 2008 with the aim of producing cleaning paper in the world standarts.

Together with roll paper rproducing facility, it has become the largest facility in Europe that makes fully integrated production in 2020. The FMCG department, which is a complement to the paper business area with the advantage of raw materials that it can procure from the same campus, is in a position to quickly respond to customer and market needs and quality expectations.

With its R&D studies, it continuously brings innovative products to the sector and steadily increases its share in domestic and foreign markets.

Sofia, Maylo, Nua and Berrak brands in domestic products; In industrial products, it is in the market with toilet paper, paper towel, paper napkin and tissue paper products under the Nua Professional brand.

“With its own brands and Private Label products in more than 80 countries, Lila Kağıt has the capacity to supply 35% of the tissue paper consumption in Turkey.”

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