Sofia is a tissue brand that carries nature sensitivity at its heart and brings innovative and quality products to consumers.In the production of Sofia products, all products in the portfolio are made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging with no harm to natural forests.  Additionally, Sofia contributes to sustainability by using certified raw materials obtained from industrial forests in its products.

Sofia has been involved in many afforestation projects since the first day met with the consumers and brought approximately 100,000 saplings together with nature.Through the ‘Our Sensitivity to Nature, Our Legacy to Tomorrow’ project, Sofia has supported the expansion of Turkey’s unique nature, bringing 3.000.000 seed balls, aiming to leave a more beautiful tomorrow for future generations.

With its respectful attitude towards nature, Sofia responds to the daily needs of consumers with its 3-ply toilet and paper towel products in its portfolio, while offering innovative and unique experience in the fields of skin care, hygienic home care, decorative use and table decoration.

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