Management of Resources

Lila Kağıt sees the concept of sustainability as meeting the needs of today’s needs while meeting the needs of future generations and believes that the correct management of resources is one of the most important steps in ensuring sustainability. For this purpose, different projects are implemented such as rainwater collection, electrical systems providing advanced energy, smart ventilation system, collecting waste heat generating resources and bringing them back to the production process.

Establishing recycling centers and encouraging production with recycled materials are of great importance in the correct management of resources. Recycled fiber stands out in the use of tissue paper, especially in places where out-of-home consumption and tourism is predominant; Simultaneously, consumption of certified products such as Ecolabel, FSC, PEFC, Nordic Swan is increasing in many European countries. Thanks to these certifications, consumers are offered pure, natural and soft products with cellulose obtained from accredited industrial forests. Conscious consumers about recycling and green products prefer these products, which they believe to be reliable and of proven origin. Lila Kağıt also ensures that its products, production process and consumption are controlled with ISO, FSC, PEFC and Ecolabel certificates to meet the expectations of customers for many years.