Sofia ENAT Sponsorship

Great support from Lila Kagit to the ‘forest-friendly’ project

Lila Kagit, which became operational in 2008 with the production of tissue papers in world standards, entered a new period in the industry with its innovative and assertive product brand Sofia. Lila Kagit is a supporter of a new venture that will contribute to Turkish industry while creating opportunities to protect forests from which the raw material of the paper industry, cellulose is derived. Lila Kagit as a sponsor of ENAT (Endüstriyel Ağaç Tarımı San. ve Tic. A.Ş), has launched Turkey's first sustainably managed industrial forest plantation project which is comply with the tissue paper industry. Thus Lila Kagit has taken an important step forward, in social responsibility aspect.

Our goal is to plant 700 thousand trees by 2023
Lila Kagit performed a press meeting with ENAT to explain the forest-friendly project and also introduced the advertising campaign of ‘"Sofia does not destroy forests" that draws attention to the importance of forests during the press meeting. The founding chairman of TEMA and ENAT Ali Nihat Gökyiğit, Industrial Forest Cultivation Specialist and Dean of Isik University Dr. Melih Boydak attended the meeting hosted by Alp Öğücü. Beginning by thanking all parties of the project at the meeting Alp Öğücü, the General Manager of Lila Kagit, stated that the project excited him due to its contribution to the sector, the Turkish economy and our social responsibility. Regarding on that, Öğücü mentioned that “The initial harvest is expected to be gathered after 20 year. While increasing the number of trees planted each year; we aim to plant 700 thousand trees at an area that will be equal to the size of 600 football fields in 2023 (3.5 million square meters). Along with this goal, we will have planted a forest whose size will be in correlation with Lila Kagit sales rate.”
"Sofia does not destroy forests"
Öğücü, drawing attention to the fact that the companies which involved in the foundation of ENAT, are the prominent representatives of respective fields, while mentioning Lila Kagit being the first company taking a part in such a project within the cleaning papers industry. Öğücü expressed that the starting point in supporting the project was the new campaign of Lila Kagit’s premium brand Sofia; "We have offered the first and only 4-ply paper towel in the Turkish market with our brand Sofia at the end of 2012. In this regard, within the ‘Sofia does not destroy forests’ theme campaign; we stress the fact that with peace of mind, we manage to produce 4-ply paper towel without destroying the natural forests.”
Ali Nihat Gökyiğit the founding chairman of TEMA and ENAT, touched upon the significance of industrial forest cultivation that’s launched in 2005 for Turkey. These initiatives play an indispensable role in by reducing the stress on cutting and thus providing better protection for the natural forests, he said, adding that the company's goal is to supply ever-growing need for raw materials domestically. This way, we aim to reduce the dependence on foreign markets and to prevent both erosion and carbon dissemination in the air, aside from contributing to rural development by creating new employment opportunities, he stated. 

Dr. Melih Boydak, specialized in Industrial Forest Cultivation and Dean of Işık University, provides consultancy service to Lila Kagit on this project. At the meeting, he explained the current situation of the industrial forests in Turkey and shared details that mattered to the Turkish forestry industry.  “Turkish pulp, paper and board industry consists of US$19 billion whereas the export is around US$5 billion. Raw material import in forest products is above US$ 3 billion. Considering the fact that the imported products such as chemicals used for production, machine equipments, packaging materials and so forth are used, the sector has a current deficit”, he said.
Boydak continued his speech; “Industrial forestry region in the world is equivalent to 5% of the total forests. Despite this, 35% of the wood needs are supplied from those. This figure is rising each and every day. For this reason, now, there is no loss of any natural forest in developing countries because they had realized the importance and thus invested in industrial forestry many years ago. In our country, there have been several initiatives on industrial forestry. Among the private initiatives, both the biggest attempt on raw materials for paper industry and the biggest investment was made by ENAT. We believe that the private sector will undertake the biggest role in accomplishing the success of Turkey in industrial forestry. We would like to thank ENAT and Lila Kagit for their support to Turkish industry; we invite the private sector players to take on responsibility with this project", he said and gave important messages to the industry.

Lila Kagit, in addition to its sponsorship activities, is preparing to implement planting and reforestation projects in collaboration with TEMA. For the initial step of the TEMA collaboration project, a forest in Kepsut, Balıkesir will be planted as a nursery with 5,000 tree seedlings and be named as "Sofia Memorial Forest" on behalf of the employees and partners of the company. The company is aiming to expand Memorial Forest more in the upcoming years.
About Lila Kagit
For the purpose of meeting a rapidly developing Turkey’s needs in tissue paper market, Marmara Group of Companies established Lila Kagit with a hundred percent Turkish capital, which became operational in November 2007 with the vision of “producing cleaning papers with high quality at world standards".
Lila Kagit, established in an area of 100.000m2 in total, has reached a capacity of 150,000 ton in paper manufacturing by means of its new investment completed in January 2012 and has become the biggest cleaning paper manufacturing facility within a single campus not only in Turkey but also in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Caucasus and African regions. Lila Kagit which is the leader of jumbo roll paper and semi-final product sales in Turkey and in the nearby geography, exports to more than 45 countries throughout the world. Having export more than US$100 million, Lila Kagit gains a place in the top 10 among the members of Istanbul Exporters’ Associations in paper, cardboard, packaging, stationery sectors since the day of its foundation.
About ENAT (Endüstriyel Ağaç Tarımı San. ve Tic. A.Ş.)
ENAT, within the framework of "facility and development project of industrial forest plantations", was the first company founded to realize industrial afforestations in our country. The company was founded in 2005 by 26 founding partners under the leadership of Ali Nihat Gökyiğit.
What is Afforestation for Industrial Use?
Within the degraded forest lands with fertile soil or in other forest lands separated by agricultural fields, growing trees that can be harvested soon like agricultural plants is afforestation for industrial use. Depending on the type and intended tree diameters, cutting of trees generally varies between 9-30 years of age. If it is intended to grow thinner diameter trees, cutting can be done between 1-5 years of age. For industrial use purposes, reforestation begins after the cutting. 
In Turkey, the widest industrial afforestations are carried out by the General Directorate of Forestry with the coniferous trees (pines). Unlike those, the leaved trees such as poplar tree and eucalyptus plantations are done by peasants and other private enterprises.
Within Turkey, ENAT A.Ş is a private enterprise that has the biggest investment for afforestation and reforestation with the coniferous trees intended for industrial use.
To the extent we support the forest industry organizations with raw materials derived from wood;

  • Stress on the natural forests of cutting can be reduced.
  • Soil conservation of natural forests regulates the water regime and enables aesthetic functions.
  • The current account deficit and currency loss can be prevented.
  • Contribution to rural development can be provided.

In a nutshell, afforestation for industrial uses is the insurance of natural forests.

23rd April Children’s Festival

Maylo was the “Main Sponsor” in the 5th Traditional Kadıköy Municipality 23rd April Children’s Festival organized this year.

The event that lasted for 3 days (21st-22nd and 23rd of April) included all day long contests, dance and music shows, inflatable toys, playground toys, painting and face painting activities, catering and gifts.

This event that is organized in Selamiçeşme Freedom Park is an open-to-public event which thousands of children and their families participate each year.

People of all ages had fun and enjoyed Pinhani concert that was organized in the amphitheatre on Sunday, 22nd of April. Lots of free products and gifts were distributed to the participants and both the children and their families enjoyed this event so much.

Maylo Cleaning Festival

Maylo who aims to make contributions to education sincerely is now visiting the elementary schools in Ataşehir together with Ataşehir Municipality and Ataşehir Örnek Lions Club subsequent to the cooperation it has made with TEGV.

During these visits that aim to inform children about the importance of hand washing and general toilet cleaning, Maylo is relaying these information to 1st, 2nd and 3rd class students through a theater performance. By this means, children are both having fun and are also learning the cleaning rules while watching the performance. They can also strengthen the information that they have learned during the theater performance by the brochures inside the gift boxes which are distributed after the performance.

Maylo aims to see the imaginary world of children regarding cleaning in the painting contest that will be held at the end of the period and will submit their gifts to the winners of the contest in the award ceremony. Maylo is planning to reach firstly Istanbul and then the whole Turkey in the following periods through this project.

Short-Film Competition
The aim of International Lions Clubs 118-Y Istanbul Anatolian Side District Federation to organize an “International Short Film Competition” is to make a contribution to the publicity of our country.  
The general aim is to support new initiatives and young artists in the rapidly developing cinema industry, to make a contribution to the publicity of our country through the art of cinema which is an important tool of publicity and to enable inspiration sharing among the young artists in international projects. In addition to this; to give support to the creation of new and innovative ideas in the world of cinema, to encourage young movie-makers and to provide opportunities for them to shoe their creativity in the international arena are the secondary aims of the competition. 
Lila Paper has showed the importance and support that it gives to art and artists once again by sponsoring this organization. The press launch, the premiere night and the award ceremony of the competition has been made on 14th of April, 2012 at Mecidiyeköy Profilo Cultural Center.  
Distant Close Art Exhibition

One More Contribution to Education from Lila Paper!

The photograph exhibition themed “Distant Close” which is held under the sponsorship of Lila Paper met with the photograph lovers at Caddebostan Culture Center on 14-24 November.

The exhibition opened on Monday, 14 November 2011 at 19:00 and the income obtained from the exhibition was donated to the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey.

Sergide yer alan fotoğraflar dört profesyonele ait. Profesyonel çalışma hayatlarında fotoğraf sanatına yer ayırmayı bir gereklilik olmaktan çok farklı bakış açılarını görmek ve öğrenmeyi sürekli hale getirmek olarak tanımlıyor fotoğrafçılar.

“Whatever seen far away forms a separate visuality and completeness in itself and similarly whatever seen closely forms a separate visuality and completeness in itself”. 4 photographers who turn their lenses sometimes to a pattern of a flower and sometimes to a bigger entirety and to the new texture of the city in order to highlight this theme are trying to reflect missing details while looking to the whole and not seeing the whole, while being caught up in the details on their photo frames during their search from whole to the details.

45 photographs of Cengiz Solakoğlu, Orhan Öğücü, Mehmet Gürsoy and Yılmaz Bulut are included in the “Distant Close” exhibition.

Lila Paper who aims to be the leader of the cleaning paper sector in Turkey has been transferring a certain part of its revenues from the sales of Maylo-branded products to Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) since November 2010 and contributing to the education of children.

Maylo -TEGV cooperation

Maylo believes that education is the greatest guarantee of our children in the future and works sincerely to do its part as a brand which is aware of its social responsibility. For this purpose, it has been transferring a certain part of its revenues from the sales of Maylo-branded products to Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) since November 2010 and contributing to the education of these children. Maylo has supported the publicity of this Project through the statement of “Sometimes the securest bridges are made of paper” in 2012 and is giving the message that a product that is quickly ripped such as paper is powerful enough to achieve very powerful goals when it is used for correct reasons and targets.


The Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey that has been carrying on its activities since 1995 saying “One child changes, Turkey changes” aims to organize and implement training programs and activities that will make a contribution to 7-16 years old children to be raised as individuals who are committed to basic values and principles of Turkish Republic and as rationalist, foresighted, self-confident, thinking, questioning, peaceful individuals who are able to activate their own creativity and show respect to different ideas and beliefs and who do not indiscriminate gender, race, religious, language in human relations.