Recruitment and Placement

Being conscious that the performance and competencies of the employees making up the team is one of the most important values in order to be successful, Lila Paper carries out an attentive and careful recruitment and placement process in order to place the right candidates for the right positions.

Lila Paper accepts the job applications through Internet and replies to all the candidates one by one positively/negatively through the same means. Candidates who are appropriate for the open positions are invited to the interview. If the interview process results positively, all the relevant information regarding the job position are provided for the candidate by the Human Resources Department. After the candidate accepts the job offer, employment procedures start.


Training has an important place in the development plan of each employee. In addition to the training programs determined for each position, trainings according to the needs of the employee are determined and the Human Resources Department is informed. Training programs are also organized within the year within the scope of the training planning made by the Human Resources.

Thanks to the collaboration of our valuable managers within Lila Paper, all our staff working in our company gets the opportunity of participating in many training programs different from each other that are organized under the name of “Improve Develop Days”.

Employees are also informed about Lila Paper business manners through orientation programs by the Human Resources Department. Lila Paper relays its knowledge and experiences regarding different sectors to its employees through on-the-job and class trainings.

Performance Management

The major target of Lila Paper Human Resources Department is to enable sustainable development through a high-performance team who will add value to the company.

After the employees prepare their individual work and development plans together with their managers in parallel with the company’s objectives, a performance interview is made with the employees twice a year and the performance, development needs and career potential of the employees are evaluated.

Performance evaluation is made on the basis of the results obtained and competence evaluation is made on the basis of the competencies required by the positions.

Career path in Lila Paper is not only transferring to an upper position, it is the increase in authority and responsibilities depending on the performance in the same or other position. For this reason, sustainability of self-development is one of the criteria aimed continuously. Training programs planned on annual basis are supporting this target.

Wage System and Additional Benefits

The wage and additional benefits policy of Lila Paper is based on a fair system that takes the competencies that the job requires and the employees have, job responsibilities and education and work experience as the basis and aims to “award high performance”.

The wages of our employees are evaluated and updated in January every year in accordance with the in-company balance, individual performance results, wage research, the positioning that our company aims in the market and the economic indicators.

The followings are provided for all our employees;

  • Catering and transportation services
  • Infirmary and workplace doctor
  • Personal accident/Private Health Insurance
  • Uniforms are provided for blue-collar workers twice a year.

Social Advantages

The Social Committees that are established by our employees at each workplace are organizing domestic tours, sports tournaments, cultural and art activities, picnics and various social activities through the budget allocated for these activities and are creating opportunities to strengthen our joy of living and common spirit during the intense work tempo.