Rising Standards

Our Principles

We Are Honest, Reliable and Fair

Honesty is our basic principle in all our relationships. By providing mutual benefit and developing trust, we treat our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders fairly without making any distinction.

We Respect the Laws and the Ethical Values

We abide by the laws and legislative regulations making no concessions. We follow the codes of conduct and moral principles and we respect different ideas and values.

We Add Value to the Society With Our Social Sense of Responsibility

We show great effort in order to be beneficial to the society, natural environment and humanity. For this, by working hand in hand with all our employees, business partners, customers and consumers, we contribute to the country’s economy, education, development and sustainability.

We Are Environment-Friendly, Beneficial To The Country and Respectful To The Society

We behave conscious of environmental protection, fulfill our responsibilities towards Today’s people and next generations for our country and the world and all our employees play a leading role in protection of the country resources and show great effort to be beneficial and respectful to the society.