Emphasizing the functionality of its brand as going beyond the standards, Maylo always aims to offer to its consumer high-quality along with affordable prices.
In 2008, Maylo did what other could not in Turkey and created a new product category introducing rolls that can accommodate paper equivalent to 2 rolls in length. In 2010, Maylo extended its product range and put standard sized products on the market too. Along with the standard products such as toilet paper, paper towel and napkin, GIANT Paper Towel which is a first in the industry and also an innovative product was introduced into the market.
Maylo is again doing something that has never been tried before and is going beyond his rivals, increasing the standards further. The renewed Maylo products, offered to consumers, provide 3-ply toilet papers and paper towel. The new Maylo Toilet Papers are now thicker and softer while paper towels are more absorbent and more resistant.

Maylo Toilet Paper:

Maylo Toilet Paper is now offering the softness of 3-ply tissue. They are now thicker and softer than 2-ply tissue. Maylo, which gives great importance to consumer satisfaction, has now achieved a higher level of quality and becomes thicker and softer.
Maylo Toilet Paper 4x12
Maylo Toilet Paper 8x6
Maylo Toilet Paper 16x3
Maylo Toilet Paper 18x3
Maylo Toilet Paper 24x3
Maylo Toilet Paper 32x3

Paper Towel:

The new 3-ply Maylo Paper Towel that is now thicker, more absorbent and more resistant.
Maylo Paper Towel 2x12
Maylo Paper Towel 4x6
Maylo Paper Towel 6x4
Maylo Paper Towel 8x3
Maylo Paper Towel 12x4
Maylo Paper Towel 16x2

Maylo Napkin:

Soft and resistant Maylo Napkins give elegance to your dining tables. The product greets its consumers with its new packaging containing either 100, 150 or 200 napkins.
Maylo Paper Napkin 100x24
Maylo Paper Napkin 150x16
Maylo Paper Napkin 200x12
3 ply Soft and Strong (scentless)
Maylo Handkerchief (10x10)x24

Maylo Extra Long Toilet Paper:

Soft and strong extra long roll.
1 Extra Long Toilet Paper Roll = 2 Standard Rolls

Maylo Extra Long Toilet Paper 8x3
Maylo Extra Long Toilet Paper 12x3
Maylo Extra Long Toilet Paper 16x3

Maylo Extra Long Paper Towel :

1 Extra Long Paper Towel Roll = 3 Standard Paper Towel Rolls

Maylo Extra Long Paper Towel 1x8
Maylo Extra Long Paper Towel 3x5